MGII Kinetic Bands


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  • Run Faster, Increase Sprint Speed, Increase Endurance, Fast Acceleration, Jump Higher, Explosive Change of Direction, Advanced Athletic Performance, Lose Weight and Burn More With Every Resisted Body Weight Exercise.
  • Athletes of all ages (7+) and abilities use Kinetic Bands to improve speed, sport-specific skills, and athletic performance in many different sports as well as general fitness training. Used by athletes, coaches, physical therapy professionals, strength and conditioning specialists, speed trainers, and personal trainers
  • 2 High Quality Leg STRAPS_ 2 10LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10”_2 15LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10”_2 20LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10.75’ _2 30LBS RESISTANCE BAND 10.75”_1 Travel Pouch